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Tempe Cells 1400D

Application for Hydrology of Undisturbed Soil Samples 0-2 Bar, Lab or Field

The 1400 Tempe Pressure Cell is used to determine the water-holding characteristics of a soil sample. The cell accepts an undisturbed soil sample contained in a 8.89 cm outside diameter x 6 cm tall cylinder. The cell comes with a Ceramic Plate. It‘s based on undisturbed soil cores obtained in the field, easily prepared from precision brass    retaining rings in either 5.72 cm outside diameter or the larger 8.89 cm outside diameter rings. The rings for undisturbed soil samples come in 3 cm or 6 cm heights, other materials and longer lengths available for soil columns.
Made from strong clear acrylic with O-ring seals on both top and bottom surfaces for all sealing. Comes complete with a selection of ceramics 0-2 Bars (0-200 kPa) base plates with various flow rates. Cylinders and hold downs sold separately, different length and diameters are available.



  • Easy setup
  • Long-lasting proven





Please specify cylinder type (length and type) when ordering.

2.25 in (5.72 cm) Ø Tempe Cell, weight 0.57 kg

  • 1400D2.25-B0.5M2 Tempe, 0.5 bar, HF-plate
  • 1400D2.25-BO1M1 Tempe, 1 bar, STD-plate
  • 1400D2.25-BO1M3 Tempe, 1 bar, HF-plate
  • 1400D2.25-BO2M1 Tempe, 2 bar, STD-plate

3.50 in (8,89 cm) Ø Tempe Cell, weight 1.03 kg

  • 1400D3.50-B0.5M2 Tempe, 0.5 bar, HF-plate
  • 1400D3.50-B01M1 Tempe, 1 bar, STD-plate
  • 1400D3.50-B01M3 Tempe, 1 bar, HF-plate
  • 1400D3.50-B02M1 Tempe, 2 bar, STD-plate


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Art.-Nr.:  142550   Equipment for Hydrology of Undisturbed Soil Samples
0-2 bar



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