Erosion measurement technology

In times like these when key words such as the overuse of soil and soil sealing, extreme runoff events and desertification are no longer only relevant to science, soil erosion is becoming increasingly important.
Water and wind erode the soil and move it. Incorrect landuse e.g. overgrazing leads to the loss of the protective layer and strengthens the natural erosion process to an anthropogenic problem. The excessive soil erosion causes soil degradation or even a complete loss of nutrient-rich soil.

The first step to counteract this development is to get a comprehensive picture of the erosion process. For this purpose, the eroded material in air and water must be recorded as a function of the meteorological and hydrological conditions.


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Run off measurement instrument

The measurement system serves to record and examine surface run off and the erosion materials contained therein.

Wind erosion sediment trap

The wind erosion sediment trap automatically records the aeolically transported sediment material.

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