Measure the Whole Range!

COMBI 5000 - Multifunctional Unit with case

Multifunctional Unit for measuring pH + EC + activity + moisture + temperature.

With the COMBI 5000 in the hand, you have the most important parameters to determine the nutritional status of your plant stock professionally and quickly:

  • pH measurement
  • EC measurement
  • Measurement of activity
  • Moisture and temperature measurement


The COMBI 5000 uses the latest microprocessor technology and has an automatic sensor recognition.
When a sensor is attached, the unit changes automatically to the corresponding measuring mode. The automatic buffer recognition
during calibration also ensures a high operating comfort. The handy, splash-proof device has menu languages German and English (optional: French, Italian, Spanish,

The complete set consists of:

• pH puncture electrode with buffer solutions pH 4 and 7
• EC plastic probe and calibration solutions 1.4 mS and 111.8 mS
• Multi-measuring probe, 25 cm (activity, temperature, moisture)
• Piercing pin
• Spray bottle, 250 ml
• Volume measuring cup, 100 ml
• Instructions
• Stable plastic case

Don't need the complete case? No problem at all, you can also put together the different components individually. Either choose the Mulitfunctional Unit that best suits to your needs or buy the COMBI 5000 basic Unit with all the functions and upgrade it with the various sensors as needed. We are happy to advise you!



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Multifunctional Unit for measuring pH + EC + activity + moisture + temperature

Multifunctional Unit for measuring pH + EC + activity

Multifunctional Unit for measuring EC + activity

Multifunctional Unit for measuring pH + EC

Multifunctional Unit for measuring pH + activity


COMBI 5000 basic unit, for individual equipment or retrofitting with sensors

pH Insertion probe

EC-probe with platinum sensors

Multi-probe: for simultaneous measurement of activity, soil moisture and temperature

Stainless steel probe 250 mm, 500 mm and 750 mm




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