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FOGII Plus Digital Soil Calcimeter™ with UMP-1

The FOGII Calcimeter provides the measurement of carbonate content. It has a rugged design and is easy to use so that it is suitable for field campaigns.
Based on the Scheibler method it measures the temperature compensated pressure rise after application of hydrochloric acid. As such it replaces the lab Scheibler apparatus, and gives access to the on-site determination of the carbonate content. The Plus version comes with an integrated UMP-1, which allows the in-field measurement of the water content and the dry soil correction of the readings. This eliminates the obligatory drying step.



  • digital
  • portable
  • low cost
  • accurate, precise
  • automatic
  • rapid and reliable results
  • ease of use




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications



User Interface

Keyboard membrane, back-lighted LCD
Power Supply3×AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
Units% CaCO3, Vol% water content
Working Range0-100%
Accuracy 0.5%CaCO3
Resolution 0.1%
Linearity (r2)0.999
Temperature Automatic compensation with built-in temperature sensor 5-50°C
Reaction VesselGlass bottle
Sample Volume0,5 ... 5 g
Sample Analysis TimeApprox. 30 sec.
MemoryThe last 50 measurements can be stored internally
Dimensions (L×W×H) 200 x 94 x 39 mm
Weight350 g



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Art.-Nr.:  141240 FOGII Plus Digital Soil Calcimeter™ with UMP-1
Art.-Nr.:  141210 FOGII Basic Digital Soil Calcimeter™
Art.-Nr.:  141200 FOGII Field Kit Digital Soil Calcimeter™




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