Laboratory equipment

Some important parameters for the hydraulic characterization of a site / soil material can only be derived from laboratory experiments. Laboratory measurements allow the determination of various parameters under defined boundary conditions, which allows a high repetition rate of the experiments and thus also a well-founded statistical evaluation of the determined parameters.

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Sedimat 4-12

Laboratory apparatus to determine the particle size distribution in mineral soils in accordance with DIN ISO 11277 using 12 samples with 4 fraction.

Sieve set for sieve analysis

The particle size distribution of soil samples may be determined with the assistance of this set to classify the soil based on international standards.

Overhead shaker

The overhead shaker is used to homogenise soil samples.

ku-pF apparatus

The ku-pF MP10 is a laboratory instrument for the automatic determination of any saturated hydraulic conductivity ku and the pf curve in accordance with the condensation method on up to 10 soil ring samples simultaneously.

ku-pF 4.2 SP

Single place device for determining soil hydraulic properties (retention and hydraulic conductivity function) via the evaporation method.

pF laboratory station

Creation of pF-WG curves in the range of pF (10 hPa) to pF 2.9 (approx 750 hPa) with precisely regulated vacuum.

Set for the pF determination in accordance with the sand box method

For the pF determination of the entire range from pF 0 to pF 4.2.

Low Tension System (Kopie 1)

For precision readings in a range of 0 to 0.15 Bar.

Set for the pF determination with ceramic plates

For the determination of pF curves in the range of pF 2.0-4.2 (0.1-15 bars of soil moisture tension).

Pressure Membrane Extractor (Kopie 1)

Pressure Membrane Extractor (0 - 15bar) Model 1000 for water retention curves from shrink / swell soils to 15 Bars.

Hood permeameter according to HARTGE

The hood permeameter according to HARTGE is serves to determine the kf value of the soil ring samples in the laboratory from the flux rate and the corresponding pressure difference whilst keeping the pressure gradients as small as possible.

Chameleon Kit (Kopie 1)

The Chameleon Laboratory, an accurate, versatile, and fully automated laboratory system for measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat).

Air pycnometer

The air pycnometer is an innovative measurement instrument to determine the pore volume of a substrate sample in the laboratory.

Tempe Cells 1400D (Kopie 1)

Application for Hydrology of Undisturbed Soil Samples 0-2 Bar, Lab or Field


The calcimeter is suitable for the simultaneous determination of the carbonate content in 5 samples.

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