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Chameleon Kit

The Chameleon Laboratory, an accurate, versatile, and fully automated laboratory system for measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat). Chameleon is capable of performing Ksat measurements according to both the Falling-Head Method and Constant-Head Method. Thanks to the Monitor® Precesion Pressure Transducer, and the Chameleon Software Application, both measurement methods are fully automated. The Chameleon Permeability Laboratory System allows for automated Ksat calculation in just a few minutes to a couple of hours. The user simply needs to collect samples and connect them into the system. The software will record the data, notify the user of steady state, calculate Ksat, and provide reports including charts and graphs. With both constant head and falling head calculation capabilities, this is the most complete permeability system.
The Chameleon Permeability Laboratory System is the ideal configuration for calculating Ksat quickly and effectively. Soil cores are directly inserted into the system assuring minimal disturbance for maximum accuracy. The automated software, compatible exclusively with Soilmoisture‘s new Monitor Transducer, allows the user to get results limited labor and error. Constant head and falling head methodology makes this a diverse educational tool and the perfect system for a wide range of research. Furthermore, the components used in Chameleon can be reconfigured to create other types of laboratory systems, such as Soilmoisture‘s Tempe Cell system, with little or no additional parts. The system includes the complete Monitor Precision Pressure Transducer software package so that the transducers can also be used for other applications.


  • Soil samplers with cores to fit directly for undisturbed analyses
  • Additional cells, cylinders, and transducers to easily grow the scale of your lab
  • Tempe Cell ceramics and pressure/vacuum regulating set-ups to test soil water retention in addition to permeability with your Chameleon Lab


  • Components are easy to assemble and use
  • Automated using a dedicated software application
  • Measures Ksat using both the constant and falling head methods
  • Components can be used in other types of lab studies



Technical Specifications

Minimum Head-height:1 cm
Maximum Head-height:100 cm
Reservoir Inside Diameter:5.13 cm
Reservoir Height: 48.26 cm
Reservoir Volume:1 Liter
Soil Core Inside Diameter: 5.38 cm
Soil Core Height: 6.0 cm
Monitor® Precision Transducer: -15 to +15 psi



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  142350   Single Unit
Art.-Nr.:  142351 Five independent Units



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