ku-pF 4.2 SP

Single place device for determining soil hydraulic properties (retention and hydraulic conductivity function) via the evaporation method.

The new ku-pF 4.2 SP determines the soil water retention curve (pF-curve) and the hydraulic
conductivity curve of soil samples according to the evaporation method. It measures the soil
water tension up to the permanent wilting point (pF=4.2) by combining the precision of waterand
polymer-filled tensiometers with the latest RFID technology, which allows non-contact and
continuous measurements in soil cores up to a volume of 3 liter in a single place measuring
The complete ranges of the pF and hydraulic conductivity curves provide information on how
much soil water is actually available for plants and trees, especially among modified climate
conditions. All measured values are continuously logged by the device and can be read out
with an external computer.

Optionally, the following additional service is offered:
• Coupling of several single place devices and an online display of the measured values on an additional display
• Undisturbed monolith removal with a mobile soil core sampling device
• Climate chamber for specifying controlled standard conditions (temperature, humidity, turbulence)

Basic set consisting of:

      • Basic unit with weighing table and RFID reader unit for the non-influenced weighing and tension reading without moving parts, laboratory version in 230 V AC, permanent data logging without an extra computer
      • precision laboratory balance, measuring range up to 15 kg
      • 2 pc tensiometer of type Tensio 130 RFID, water-filled, with integrated RFID pressure transducer, easy re-filling with water
      • 2 pc tensiometer type FRT RFID, polymer filled, maintenance free, integrated temperature measurement
      • 1 pc V2A sample cylinder, volume: 3.000 cm³, height: 95.5 mm, Diameter: 204 mm, wall thickness: 2 mm, numbered
      • 1pc perforated plate to saturate the ku-pF piercing cylinder samples made of PP
      • 1 pc bottom plate for sealing during analysis made of PP
      • 2 pc transport handles
      • 1 pc perforated cover plate to regulate evaporation
      • 2 pc top lid
      • 1 tensiometer installation set, guiding device for drill, drill Ø = 6.3 mm and Ø = 25mm
      • Data cable, communication software


      The new ku-pF 4.2 SP is available from October 2018.
      To read the data, a computer with an USB port is required.
      For a continuous use of the ku-pF apparatus we recommend an additional soil sample ring set made of V2A or PP.
      For the sampling of undisturbed soil cores a hammering head set or an excavation device is required

      Technical Data

      Tensio 130 RFID
      Tension range:-100 ... +85 kPa
      Operating temperature:0 ... +40 °C
      Accuracy:±0.3 kPa
      Shaft length/diameter:37 mm/Ø 6 mm
      Ceramic cell P80 (6x65)
      Tensiometer FRT RFID
      Tension range:-100 to +1500 kPa (pF 4.2)
      Measuring range temperature:-40 to +60°C
      Total length:150 mm / Ø 25 mm
      Measuring tip conical



      Ordering Details:

      Art.-Nr.:  143300  ku-pF 4.2 SP Single place device for determining soil hydraulic properties (retention and hydraulic conductivity function) via the evaporation method
      Art.-Nr.:  143308

      ku-pF 4.2 SP module extension (up to 9 extensions possible)

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