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Percolator 32

The Percolator 32 is an automatic laboratory unit for preparing percolat of soil samples.

With this device, up to 32 soil samples can be sampled simultaneously. The automation of this extraction process and subsequent cleaning significantly reduces the amount of work in the laboratory while greatly increasing accuracy. The percolation volume, percolation duration and number of percolation cycles can be individually preset for each run. The percolat can be taken directly from the 4 percolate magazines, 6 volumetric flasks each, for further analysis.


The instrument has two function modes:

Percolation mode

In percolation mode, the samples are percolated according to the entries on the touch display. Up to 1000 fully automated percolation cycles per run are possible.

Cleaning mode

In cleaning mode, all tubes of the system are rinsed.



  • Up to 32 samples
  • Compact design
  • 4 removable exchanger tube magazines
  • 4 removable percolate scaled flask magazines
  • Freely selectable percolation runs, percolation duration and flow rates
  • Automated cleaning process

Technical specifications

Dimension (BxHxT) 1230 x 800 x 550 mm
Weight60 kg
Number of samples1-32
Number of percolation cycles1-1000
Perculation volumer per cyclus and sample  25 ml




Art.-Nr.:  1501000Percolator 32




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