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Overhead shaker

The overhead shaker is used to homogenise soil samples. Several sample vessels may be fixed between two metal mesh baskets which rotate at a steplessly controllable speed of up to 50 revolutions per minute around a rigid rotational axis. The current speed is shown in a digital display.

The constant movement causes the content of the sample to be homogenised in preparation for the use of the samples for KÖHN analysis and also serving as a starting point of many chemical analyses. The UGT overhead shaker has a high number of sample places. In the standard version 60 sample flasks of 100 ml or 72 sample flasks of 250 ml are fitted to a magazine.

On request, we also custom design with more sample positions or magazines with customized sample retainers such as Laboratory syringes.



  • Large number of samples compared to other commercially available devices
  • Infinitely variable speed control



Technical Specifications

Speed range: 0 … 50 rpm
Steplessly controllabler
Number of samples:60 x 100 ml
72 x 250 ml
customisation on request



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  156000 60 x 100 ml
Art.-Nr.:  156010 72 x 250 ml