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Mobile field penetrometer

This electronic penetrometer was developed on behalf of the Humboldt University in Berlin for the spatially high-resolution determination of the penetration resistance for large test areas in a short time and with minimal physical effort.
The penetrometer assemly, in terms of the electronic penetrometer with rods and pressure sensor is mounted on a sampling vehicle. The penetration measurement is carried out automatically by means of a traverse system. To prevent springing movements by the shock absorbers, the vehicle is lifted out with hydraulics and two supports for the duration of the measurement.  The corresponding software runs on a connected laptop; in addition to controlling the test, it is also used to record data, for data processing and to display graphics.  The visualisation can be used on site as basis for further measurements.

Installation on a sampling vehicle makes it possible to change locations quickly.  The penetrometer is activated at the desired measurement station by the controller and automatically inserted in the ground.
The resistance created is registered by a pressure sensor and saved on the connected laptop. The automated penetration using the track system ensures the same penetration conditions at all times. The penetration resistance is dependent on the penetration speed. This remains constant throughout the entire test run when using the mobile field penetrometer. The crucial penetration angle of 90° for measurement is also always maintained consistently by this system. Compared to manual measurement, this produces higher accuracy and better repeatability of measurements.   
Furthermore, the physical strength and size of the person conducting the test are no longer decisive for the quality of data obtained or the measuring conditions required.
The stability of the penetrometer rod alone limits the application range of the penetrometer. Dry and hard soils where physical force alone is insufficient to insert the penetrometer in the soil can thus also be sampled. To protect the measuring device from damage, e.g. from stones or hard layers of soil, a maximum pressure can be set as stop criterion during sampling. The probe rods and probe cones can be replaced easily if measurement conditions change or the control template indicates excessive cone wear for the cone test.




  • high repeatability
  • high mobility
  • minimized expenditure of time and physical strength



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Art.-Nr.:  131000               Mobile field penetrometer



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Exemplary Applications

The mobile field  penetrometer can be used in the agricultural and civil engineering area:

  • General soil examinations
  • Examination into the suitability of the soil for agricultural and civil engineering purposes
  • Recognition of compacted (possibly impermeable) layers of soil/horizons
  • Examination of artificial compaction





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