The standard version of the UMP-2 sensor is designed for connection to a data logger via cable, thus, a different number of sensors can be connected to one logger. The sensor measures soil moisture, temperature and conductivity. It is particularly suitable for long-term measurements.


The UMP-2 BT+ sensor is the wireless version of the UMP-2 sensor. The sensor has an internal logger for data collection and storage. Reading the data is easy with the UGTblue App.

UMP-1 BTim

The UMP-1 BTim is the compact version of the UMP-1 BT sensor. It consists of a shaft with the integrated UMP-1 BT sensor, a height-adjustable handgrip, a smartphone holder and a spring guide for inserting the measuring rods. This device has all possible advantages to fast and easy carry out measuring campaigns with lots of single measurements, distributed over larger areas.


The SMT-100 measures the water content and the temperature. Due to its unique measuring principle, it combines the advantages of a low-cost FDR system with the accuracy of a TDR system, resulting in reliable measuring values even in clayey soils. Its compact and robust but also elastic and thus resistant design make the SMT-100 a durable, flexible and versatilely applicable measuring instrument.


The SM150T is a capacitive soil moisture sensor. Besides the soil moisture it also measures the soil temperature. In combination with the Moisture Meter - HH150 - it is available as ThetaKit for mobile use.

Moisture Meter HH2

The Moisture Meter HH2 is an easy to use read-out device for Delta-T moisture sensors (ML3 ThetaProbe, SM150T und WET Sensor). As an affordable Soil Moisture Kit (e.g. Theta Probe + HH2) it is designed for mobile use in the field.

ML3 Theta Probe

The ML3 ThetaProbe is a capacitive soil moisture sensor. Besides the soil moisture it also measures the soil temperature. In combination with the Moisture Meter HH2 it is available as ThetaKit for mobile use. Besides the generic Calibrations it can also be calibrated for specific soils to improve the accuracy.


The EnviroScan continuously records the water content in a soil profile. To perform high resolution measurements, it is possible to attach about 16 sensors to one Probe at intervals of 10 cm. With additional equipment, it also determines salt and fertilizer content.

Sentek Plus "All-in-one"

The Sentek Plus system transmits data from EnviroScan and EasyAG tubular probes wirelessly using mobile communications to an Internet server. Thus, it is possible to easily retrieve the data from the office and display them in the including software.

Diviner 2000

The Diviner 2000 is a mobile portable device for the exact determination of soil moisture. The sensor measures at intervals of 10 cm down to the chosen depth.

E-Test FOM2/mts

The E-Test FOM2/mts is a mobile TDR meter designed for the simultaneous in situ measurement of the volumetric water content, of the electrical conductivity and of the temperature in the soil.


The TRIME rod probe PICO offers ultra-modern electronics (TDR) for the measurement of the soil moisture especially for field use. It is available in two versions:

  • Trime-Pico32
  • Trime-Pico64

Soil Salinity Sensor

Using the Soil Salinity Sensor, it is possible to measure the salinity of subsurface pore water on a long-term basis. It operates in the suction pressure range from 0 to 15.000 hPa.

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