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Easy Test FOM/mts

FOM/mts is a portable battery driven and microprocessor-controlled TDR meter designed for the simultaneous in situ measurement of the volumetric watercontent, of the electrical conductivity and of the temperature in the soil. Using this instrument both continuous and periodical measurements can be made and therefore also the distribution of the soil moisture, conductivity and temperature in different soil horizons recorded. The instrumentis equipped with a keypad and a matrix graphics display for menu navigation and measured value display. As an option, the instrument can be equipped with a GPS module to record the geographical coordinates of the measurement points. Using a USB interface, the measurement data can be transferred to a PC.


  • High mobilit
  • oil moisture, soil temperatureand conductivity in one measurement




Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

Measurement range for water v:0,0 ... 100,0 %
volumetric water content
Measurement accuracy of water content:< ±2 %
Conductivity range:0,000 ... 100,000 mS/cm
Measurement accuracy ofconductivity:<± 10 %
Working temperature range:-20 ... +50°C
Weight:0,35 kg with battery
Measurement range for soil temperature:-20,0 ... +50,0 °C
Measurement accuracy of soil temperature::< ±0,5 °C
Measurement volume:85 ml



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Art.-Nr.:  112200               Easy Test FOM
TDR soil moisture measurement system alternatively with
temperature and / or conductivity / salinity




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