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Tubular probe

EnviroScan probes continuously record the water content in the soil profile. Depending on equipment with soil moisture or Tri-SCAN sensors, the salt and fertiliser content (quantity of dissolved ions in the soil water) can be measured in addition to soil moisture. The soil moisture is measured using FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry).

Usually, 16 sensors may be placed on a probe in flexible depth (at intervals of 10 cm). This system is suitable both for measurements near the surface (starting from 10 cm) and for depth measurement (> 40 m).

The use of different interfaces (e.g. RS232, RS485, SDI-12, Voltage, Modbus) means that the probes can be connected not only to Sentek systems such as Sentek PLUS and Sentek SOLO but also to a large number of other data loggers.

The data can be read out using GPRS via the Internet or in situ using the connection cable.

The sensors are located in the installation tube. This therefore avoids direct contact with the soil and means that the probes are  easier to maintain if required.
If installed correctly, the soil structure is not disturbed so that the actual water movement in the surrounding soil can be recorded.



  • Flexible positioning of the sensors
  • Flexible options for a large numberof data transmission possibilities
  • Flexible time intervals for measurement adjustable
  • Simple maintenance without removing the probe




Technical Specifications

Technical Specification

Measurement range for water content: 0 ... 100 % volumetric water content
Measurement accuracy of
water content:
±0,003 %
Resolution: 0,008 %
Working temperature range: -30 ... +85 °C



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Tubular probe

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