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UMP-1 BT Plus

The UMP-1 BT Plus is the advanced version of the UMP-1 BT sensor.  Data are transmitted via Bluetooth to any windows-PC and can be visualized and managed with the application software. Additionally this sensor features an integrated data logger and can therefore be used autonomously.  The PC or laptop is only needed to read data and to start, stop and manage a measurement.
They are therefore also suitable for longer-term deployments, especially as stand-alone sensors independent of complete measurement stations. Since the sensor can be completely burried the UMP-1 BT Plus is also very easy to protect from vandalism.


  • Internal data logger
  • Smal stand-alone system



All three models of the UMP-1 are sealed to make them waterproof, and can also be completely buried.  An installation depth of 50 cm should not be exceeded for the two wireless types of sensor so as to guarantee data transmission via Bluetooth. The energy supply to the wired UMP-1 sensor is provided via the electricity supply cable on the data logger.  Wireless sensors have an integrated storage battery whose charge lasts for 6 to 24 months depending on the measurement intervals and the frequency of reading out data.The measurement principle of this sensor measuring the water content of the soil corresponds neither to the TDR nor FDR method, which is why from the start it is not presented within these categories. The fundamental mode of operation is closer to the FDR procedure, because the sensor operates with a continuous signal at constant frequency (60 MHz) and not with a pulse.  Phase shifting instead of frequency change is considered to ascertain the reading, however. The sensor reads out the water content of the soil in % volumetric water content.  However the ε value can be retrieved for independent water content calculations according to other models. The soil temperature in °C and electrical conductivity of the soil in mS/cm are also read out. The precise conductivity measurement takes place independently of the water content measurement and can therefore be used to correct the water content value in the case of unusually high conductivities. The additional recording of battery voltage enables empty batteries to be recognised at an early stage and so prevents data losses.



  • High accuracy
  • Independent conductivity measurements
  • Wireless use possible
  • Compatible with all Android smartphones



Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Measurement frequency for water content:60 MHz
Antenna length:100 mm
Antenna diameter:3 mm
Water content measurement range:0 … 100 % Vol. water content
Water content accuracy:±2%
Dielectric coefficient ? measurement range:0 … 80
Electrical conductivity measurement range:0,001 … 5mS/cm
Optional data extension to 40mS/cm possible
Electrical conductivity accuracy:±1%
Soil temperature measurement range:-20 … +60°C
Soil temperature accuracy:±0.2°C (across the entire temperature range)
Measurement volume:1000 ml
Working temperature range:-20 … +60°C



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Art.-Nr.:  118400               UMP-1 BT plus



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