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wireless and robust

The UMP-2 BT+ sensor is the wireless version of the UMP-2 sensor. The sensor has an internal logger for data collection and storage and thus enables independent operation without disturbing cables or external loggers. Data gaps due to defective cables e.g. caused by animals belong to the past. Site disturbance in particular preferential flow paths are reduced to a minimum. Logged and live data is transmitted via Bluetooth LE (low energy). The UMP-2 BT+ can be completely buried for a vertical or horizontal installation.

The UMP-2 BT+ body is made of robust polyethylene, while the measuring rods (antennas) are made of stainless steel.

buried and supplied

Due to the internal power supply and the integrated logger, the UMP-2 BT+ is suitable for long-term use in investigation areas where long cables and large measuring stations are impossible or troublesome.

The Sensor is usually in standby mode to save capacity and activates measurement mode automatically to collect data.

The supply voltage is redcorded therefore continuous data collection is ensured. The sensor can log data independently for at least 1 year at a measuring interval of 1 hour. Reading the data is easy with the UGTblue App. Any number of sensors can be registered and managed with the app. The data are stored as *csv. files on the mobile phone or PC/laptop. You can send the data immediately, share it with colleagues or save it in a cloud. You can visualize and manage the logged measurement data quickly and easily on site via the UGTblue App. Using the displayed measurement tables or graphs, you can discuss filtered data and make adjustments on site. The UGTblue App can be installed on any Android smartphone or Windows based PC/ tablet/laptop.

portable and live

The UGTblue App can also be used to download, visualize and manage live measurement data quickly and easily on site. Any number of sensors can be registered and managed. The representation of the data during the live measurement can be done as graph or as table of measured values. In addition, it is possible to visualize the logged data and the live data of one sensor together at a glance.

1 sensor 3 measured values

The UMP-2 BT+ determines the soil moisture, soil temperature (°C) and electrical conductivity (mS/cm) of the soil.

Soil moisture is determined by measuring relative permittivity (dielectric constant, εr). The principle for measuring the water content combines the advantages of FDR and TDR measurement methods. The sensor sends a continuous signal of constant frequency (120 MHz). A time offset to the original signal is measured. A relative dielectric constant of the soil is assigned to the measured time value. A tabular value range is available for this purpose, which is calibrated separately for each UMP-2 BT+. Using the regression function after Topp and Davis, the water content is finally determined and output in volume %. For independent water content calculations according to other models, the εr value can be called up directly.

all in one set

As part of our complete package, we also offer an outdoor smartphone with pre-installed and configured UGTblue App.


  • fast and easy measurement
  • high precision
  • independent electrical conductivity measurement
  • internal logger
  • no disturbing cables in the field
  • App compatible with all Android smartphones and Windows based PCs/ tablets and laptops
  • flexible use in the field in various places that may be difficult to access
  • clear visualization and management of measurement data directly in the field
  • long battery life
  • no additional external logger necessary



Technical Specifications

Measurement frequency for water content:120 MHz
Antenna length:50 mm
Antenna diameter:3 mm
Water content measurement range:0 … 100 % Vol. water content
Water content accuracy:±2%
Dielectric coefficient ? measurement range:0 … 80
Electrical conductivity measurement range:0,001 … 5mS/cm
Optional data extension to 40mS/cm possible
Electrical conductivity accuracy:±1%
Soil temperature measurement range:-40 … +60°C
Soil temperature accuracy:±0.5°C (across the entire temperature range)
Measurement volume:1000 ml
Working temperature range:-40 … +60°C



Ordering Details:

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