Soil air sampler

The soil air sampler offers a simple to use and favourably priced option to obtain soil air samples.

Substrate sampler

The substrate sampler has been developed for in-depth field measurement of air permeability and pore gas composition in the loose substrate in particular in loose piles.

SOM - soil oxygen meter

The soil oxygen meter (SOM) is used to measure root respiration and detects the oxygen content of the soil in %.


Standalone Soil CO2 Flux Sensor


Waterproof CO2 Sensor for Continuous In-Situ Monitoring

Picarro G2201-i CRDS Analyzer

Isotope analyzer for determining sources of carbon dioxide.

Gas measurement hoods

For measuring gas flows in the field


Weatherproof, Dependable Autochamber for GHG Analyzers

Picarro G2508 CRDS Analyzer

For the precise measurement of the concentration of nitrous oxide  (N2O), methane  (CH4),  carbon  dioxide (CO2), ammoniac (NH3) and water (H2O).

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