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Waterproof CO2 Sensor for Continuous In-Situ Monitoring

The eosGP gas probe offers continuous in-situ monitoring of CO2 concentrations. Its robust design is ideal for harsh deployments–buried in soil, submerged in a stream or lake, or covered in snow.
Low power requirements, out-of-the-box submersibility, small size, and compatibility with standard dataloggers make the eosGP an easy addition to your field kit.

This is a hard working device—its continuous data stream lets you capture patterns, trends and variability in the field.

The eosGP’s broad operating temperature range (0 C to 40 C / 32 F to 104 F) and built-in temperature correction means you can use this probe in most climates. Its strong, waterproof housing with optional anti-fouling copper mesh allows long-term fresh water deployment to depths of 3 m / 10 ft.

Small and light—fitting easily into your hand—this device can go anywhere. Its peak power consumption of less than 1 W can easily be handled by, for example, a modest solar panel. The device produces very little heat, so it has minimal thermal effect on its environment.

The eosGP likely connects conveniently with your current field infrastructure. Its standard 0 V to 5 V analog outputs are compatible with most dataloggers, and it can be powered by commonly available 5 V DC to 24 V DC sources, just like your other equipment.

The monitoring of fresh water CO2 concentrations is critical for applications ranging from carbon balance research to public safety. The eosGP is sealed and ready for action in fresh water to depths of 3 m / 10 ft. Equilibration time is kept short by minimizing the interior volume of the eosGP and maximizing the CO2 transfer rate across the hydrophobic membrane.

Soil CO2 concentrations are highly variable and can sometimes span many orders of magnitude in a short time. This high variability can result in missed measurements when the calibration range of a sensor is exceeded. Eosense’s optional dual-range calibration allows for measurement of large variations in soil CO2 concentration while also maximizing sensor accuracy. Additionally, the combination of a strong acetal housing and water-tight sealing makes eosGP sensors the ideal choice for in-situ soil CO2 monitoring.



  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Compatible
  • Waterproof
  • Compact



Technical Specifications

Dimensions (Ø x L)5.1 x 10.7 cm / 2 x 4.2 in
Mass (approx) 200 g/ 0.44 lb
Operating temperature - 20 … 50 °C / -4 … 122 F
Operating power - avg / peak < 0.5 / < 1 W
Operating voltage 5 … 24 V DC
Output (analog)0 ... 5 V DC
Time to equilibrium < 90 s (in air)
Concentration accuracy 1% range + 1% reading
Calibration ranges (ppm) 0-5,000, 0-20,000, custom



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Art.-Nr.:  115081               Waterproof CO2 Sensor for Continuous In-Situ Monitoring



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