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Gas measurement hoods

For measuring gas flows in the field 

For measuring gas flows in the field  Gas flows can be recorded in various ways. Gas measurement hoods which either create a controlled gradient (open systems) or which interrupt the exchange for a set time (dynamic, closed systems) or prevent it completely (fixed, closed systems) have become established as the reference method.Open systems permit the exchange across the top edge and provide a measurement path beneath it that can be used to determine flow rates according to the gradient.  The top opening ensures that the plants are affected as little as possible, and that the temperature and gas composition do not differ significantly from that of the environment.Closed systems can either determine the accumulation or decrease of gas fractions as a fixed installation for a specific period of time, or by means of mobile installation can conduct temporary measurements to precisely determine variable flows over time.   UGT offers a wide range of customised solutions, adapted to the vegetation and the subject of the examination. Contact us about your specific project. Accurate and customised solutions are available, especially in combination with the Picarro Gas Analyzers (as open path or closed path application).



  • Flexible and perfectly adapted solution for every project
  • Measurement under field conditions
  • Open systems: Little influence on vegetation, mobile
  • Closed systems: clearly defined measurement, high degree of accuracy
  • Can be combined with existing measuring equipment 




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Gas measurement hoods





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