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Picarro G2201-i CRDS Analyzer

δ13C for methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
Isotope analyzer for determining sources of carbon dioxide. Soils as sources and sinks in the carbon dioxide and methane cycle represent an important variable when examining the global climate  balance.  The various components of the soil/atmosphere system contribute to the situation in a complex manner. Isotope studies are an indispensable tool for an accurate knowledge of the conversion processes.
The examination is made considerably simpler by the G2201-i. It is ready to use in minutes, and is small and robust for simple use in the field. The device can be operated for months without interaction on the part of the user. The concentrations of CO2, H2O and CH4 are recorded accurately, thereby compensating for the mutual interactions of the various species. There is consequently no need for gas drying.

Various systems are available for collecting samples, enabling diverse measurements:

  • Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)
  • Dissolved organic carbon (DOC)
  • Carbonates
  • Solids
  • Small volumes of gas
  • Highly concentrated gas samples
  • Closed chambers


Further analysis systems available on request:

  • G213113C in CO2 12CO2 + 13CO2)
  • G213213C in CH4 12CH4 + 13CH4)
  • G2201-i 13C in CO2 and CH4 12CO2 + 13CO2 + 12CH4 + 13CH4)
  • G5101-i15N in N2O 14N14NO + 14N15NO + 15N14NO)




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