Undisturbed sampling with sample ring

Based on the patented UGT sampling method for large soil monoliths, UGT GmbH has developed this sampling device for soil samples with a sample ring size of 120 mm diameter and 120 mm height.

Taking undisturbed samples from sample ring samples

With this sampling device, undisturbed samples with Ø = 30 mm can be excavated from 120 mm sample rings for higher resolution soil examinations in the lab.

Hammering head for soil sample rings

The hammering head is an attachment used to hammer soil sample rings into harder soils with a hammer.

Soil sampler

Using the soil sampler, soil sample rings can be pressed into soft or medium hard soils without a hammer.

Soil sample rings removal set

Extensive cylinder set for taking soil samples in soft and hard soils up to a depth of 2 meters.

Soil sample rings

For various applications UGT offers various types of sampling rings. Depending on the application, the sampling rings are made of different materials (stainless steel or acrylic) and are available in different volumes (21 cm³, 100 cm³, 250 cm³ and 1140 cm³).

Ergonomic auger set

This hand drill set includes a large selection of different drills and is therefore suitable for sampling in highly heterogeneous terrain.

Auger set for heterogenous soils

This comprehensive set includes a variety of different drills for studies with different questions or highly heterogeneous terrain. The standard set allows manual drilling to a depth of 5 m.

Groove auger

The simple auger is used for the removal of soil samples and the investigation of the soil horizon sequence and is available in two different versions.

Universal gouge auger - PÜRCKHAUER

Universal gauge augers particularly suitable for very hard and stony soils.

Bi-partite gouge augers

The bi-partite gouge augers can be extended by coupling an extension rod.

Göttinger gouge auger

The Göttinger gouge augers have been developed for taking soil samples up to 90 cm depth, and are primarily designed for soil sample removal with N-min tests.

Gouge auger set for stepwise sampling

The set consists of three bi-partite gouge augers with different diameters.

Lifter S-9000 / S-9002

The tough lifter makes it easier to lift hand operated drilling equipment with a cross borehole in the head.

Root sampler

The root sampler has been specially designed for forest soils.

Soil column cylinders

The soil column cylinder has been developed to take undisturbed soil samples.

Moor probe (accor- ding to ILLNER )

The Moor probe according to ILLNER is designed for the collection of semi-mixed samples in moorlands or soft sediments, peat soils, peat mosses, but also for samples in powdery and granular substances.

Sediment core sampler, type Beeker

The Beeker sampler is designed for taking undisturbed samples from submerged soils.

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