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Auger set for heterogenous soils

Drilling and sampling in homogenous soils can in almost all cases be executed with one type of auger. For drillings in heterogenous soils it is sometimes necessary to use several different auger types. With the standard set it is possible to execute manual drilling to a depth of 5 m without great physical effort. The standard set comprises different auger types iwth a diameter of 7 cm so that this set can be used successfully for all drillings in layered soil profiles. The set can be used for drilling above the water table in all soils, and below the water table in cohesive soils. The piston sampler is used for looser soils also below the ground water table. The auger set (with bayonet connection) comprises the following items among others: four types of Edelmann augers (clay, also in combination with sand and coarse sand), a riverside auger, a stony soil auger, a spiral auger, a piston sampler, and a gouge auger

The set also includes the following:
Extensions, line search probe, submersible bell with tape measure, a pull and push piece, care material, and a field map. This is all provided in an aluminum transport case.

This set is available both with bayonet connections or with conical screw thread connection!

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Art.-Nr.:  230038 

with bayonet connection

Art.-Nr.:  230039 

with conical screw thread connection





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