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Moor probe (according to ILLNER)

The moor probe according to ILLNER has been designed for taking semi-homogenous samples during soil investigations in bog, soft sediments, peat land and also sampling in powdery and grainy substances. This sampler is used particularly in environmental research but also to investigate filter beds or palaeontological research and pollen analyses. It consists of an auger head made of stainless steel followed by a semicylindrical sampling vessel. The sampling vessel has a cutting edge and is concluded by an angular metal around the auger axis. The metal sheet protrudes a little on one side and similarly has a cutting edge and thus is able to take samples which have been mixed as little as possible. The solid tip with centering pushes the soil away when the probe is inserted. Turning the probe causes the sample to be cut from the substrate whilst at the same time the metal sheet closes the sampling vessel. After a half turn around the auger axis (180°) the sample vessel is full. The metal plate remains in this position due to its own resistance and therefore completely closes the sampling vessel. It can now be pulled from the soil and the sample can be withdrawn. The length of the sampling vessel is 500 mm, producing a sample volume of approx 0.5 l with an inner diameter of 60 mm. The overall length of the moor probe is 1000 mm. Either a turn handle or an extension can be attached directly to this. Grips and extensions with spring connectors are provided for fast assembly/dismantling. The standard set contains 10 extension pieces each of 1 m in length. On request, sets may also be compiled with a customised number of extensions.



  • obtains samples from flowing, powdery and fine grained substrates


Set consisting of:

  • 1 auger head for the moorprobe
  • 1 handle
  • 10 extensions of 1 m each


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moor probe according to ILLNER



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