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Sediment core sampler, type Beeker

The Beeker sampler is designed for taking undisturbed samples from submerged soils. The samples are taken in a transparent tube. The original stratification of the sampled material is maintained. This enables a clear profile description to be made.
The Sediment core sampler, type Beeker consists of: one transparent tube of 1 or 1.5 metres, piston and piston rod and battery powered pressure and vacuum pumps with extension hose, furthermore hammer and extension rods, non-stretch cord, sample bucket and brush.
The standard set is suitable for use in water up to a maximum depth of 5 metres. In some cases, deeper sampling is possible using additional extension rods.



  • takes samples fast and certain
  • not necessary to assemble and disassemble apparatus with every new sample



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Sediment core sampler, type Beeker




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