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Root sampler

The root sampler has been specially designed for forest soils. The sampler itself consists of two half shells with a smooth cutting ring and a clamp flange which guarantees a tight connection of the two halves during drilling. To insert the sampler into the soil and to retrieve it easily, a head with cross borehole is screwed on for the insertion of a lever or lifter. During drilling the sampler as a full tube is particularly stable and the facility to open up one side of the tube provides easy access to the drilled core. A favourably priced alternative is offered by the one piece root sampler. This consists of a hollow tube with a window permitting a view of the profile of the sampled core.
The standard version of the root sampler is made of rust free V2A steel, is 600 mm long and has a diameter of 80 mm. At customer request, the geometric dimensions can be altered and adapted to the specific uses.



  • suitable for forest soils rich in roots
  • very tough
  • large sample core volume
  • large access to sample core


Set cosisting of:

  • 1 drill head made of two half shells
  • 1 impact head with lever




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root sampler bi-partite

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