About Suction Probe Technology

Ingredients of the soil water and their composition provide important information on transport, spread, and reaction of substances in soil. Investigations of the composition of the soil water solution enable insights into the transport and transformation processes within the soil. Suction probes are used to retrieve undisturbed and authentic soil water samples to analyze the contained solutes.

With many years of experience in the development, manufacture, and installation of suction probes technologies, UGT GmbH can offer a wide range of products, which provides a solution for every suction probe application. The choice of teh appropriate design and materials in combination with the vacuum generation and control technologies ensures effective and reliable sampling.



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Suction probes with ceramic cup

With this suction probe the percolate is removed from the soil through a ceramic cup (P80; 20 x 50 mm).

Suction probes with plastic cup

The suction probes with cups made of hydrophilic, sintered PE and nylon membranes have been specially developed for the detection of heavy metals in soil water.

Porous Ceramics

The ceramic products offered in this section are the most popular which have been sold for decades to customers.

Suction plate nylon diaphragm

Suction plates, in contrast to suction cups, offer the advantage of an extensive extraction of the soil solution.

Hand diaphragm pump with manometer

Easy to transport, one hand operationed and independent of any power supply, the hand pump is ideal suited for field use and at the same time offers a cost-effective alternative to electronic pumps.

Mobile vacuum & feed pump MVF-120

With the light, yet sturdy plastic housing, this pump unit is specially designed for mobile use in the field.

Automatic vacuum pump unit AVP-100

With the automatic vacuum pump unit AVP-100, a constant pressure can be guaranteed by automatic adjustment.

Vacuum unit 19"

The 19" vacuum unit allows to extract liquids by generating a time-controlled negative pressure and to store them in a collecting bottle.

Time controlled suction probe systems SSA-101 / SSA-102

These pump units with integrated timer control the pressure conditions in the suction probes automatically according to the preset time cycles.

Time controlled suction probe systems SSA-121

This suction probe system is suitable for conveying air and gases as well as for pumping liquids over vacuum and is specially designed for long-term constant pressure conditions.

Tension controlled suction probe systems

The control of the suction probes according to the tension in the surrounding soil makes it possible to remove soil solution over a widely varying pressure head range.

Bottle magazine and storage container for suction probe systems

The bottle magazines for suction probe systems facilitate easy handling and safe storage of several sampling vessels, even underfloor.

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