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Bottle magazine and storage container for suction probe systems

The bottle magazines for suction probe systems facilitate easy handling and safe storage of several sampling vessels, even underfloor. The soil solution is filled separately into a Duranglas bottle for each suction cup or suction cup level.


Plastic container

The container protects the sample glasses against flooding, moisture and other external influences and destruction (e.g. animals). All bottles can be switched optionally via a valved manifold. To protect the suction system from soil solution it is possible to install water stop valves. The plastic container can be installed underneath and can hold up to 6 bottles of 500 ml.


Aluminium box

This box has a load capacity of up to 8 Duran glasses with a content of 1000 ml. It protects all sample glasses against destruction and moisture and can be installed below ground. The insulation ensures a moderate temperature while stored.  Via the valved manifold the underpressure is evenly distributed. Water stop valves may be installed as an additional protection of the suction system.


    • safe storage of the sample glasses
    • tempered storage due to the insulation of the aluminium box
    • one large collection volume together for all vessels -> operation of all suction probes via one central system




    Ordering Details:

    Art.-Nr.:  127100 

    with water stop valve



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