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Tension controlled suction probe systems

The control of the suction probes according to the tension in the surrounding soil makes it possible to remove soil solution over a widely varying pressure head range. The respective negative pressure results from the currently prevailing tension additional to a freely selectable amplification factor and / or a freely selectable offset.
Up to 4 setup stages can be controlled separately on a microcomputer basis. Each stage contains its own vacuum circuit with its own pump. Both the pressure control and the data storage are performed by the integrated logger. The standard device with one tensiometer per stage as setpoint generator can be extended with up to 15 setpoints with additional logger modules. For a mains-independent operation, the power supply can be carried out via a solar panel or a changeable battery.



  • Sampling pressure adjusted to the current soil water tension



Technical Specifications

Suction power: 0.4 l/min per level

0.6 bar

Voltage supply::12V DC replaceable storage battery,solar power or storage batterysupported mains supply
Degree of protection:IP65



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  126200 

on microcomputer base; one phase, SSA-201

Art.-Nr.:  126300 on microcomputer base; two phases, SSA-202
Art.-Nr.:  126400 on microcomputer base; three phases, SSA-203
Art.-Nr.:  126500on microcomputer base; four phases, SSA-204



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