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Time controlled suction probe systems SSA-121

This suction probe system is suitable for conveying air and gases as well as for pumping liquids over vacuum and is specially designed for long-term constant pressure conditions. In contrast to other suction probe systems or pumps, the SSA-121 has a pressure tank with a volume of 10 l or 20 l depending on the model. This guarantees long-term stable pressure conditions in the system independent of the ambient conditions and reduces pressure surges during pumping.

For safe and practical use, even under field conditions, the housing is dust and jet water proof (IP 65) and the unit is equipped with a 12 V DC power supply independent of the mains current. The stable stand ensures a safe stand even during operation.
The diaphragm gas feed pump with hostalen pump head and elastic diaphragm is characterized by high pneumatic performance, high gas tightness and low flow losses. Thanks to the closed diaphragm surface and the special sealing and new valve system, it has a long service life (approx. 20,000 operating hours) and is virtually maintenance-free. If required, diaphragms and valve plates can be replaced simply and without special tools. Owing to the oil-free operation, an unadulterated conveying is possible without contamination of the media. Of the total of three hose connections with separate shut-off valves, two are available for suction and one for pushing. The desired pressure can be adjusted via the vacuum regulator. The integrated weekly timer enables automated control in weekly cycles.


  • long-term stable pressure conditions
  • minimization of pressure surges



Technical Specifications

Suction power: 9 l/min

0.9 bar

Electronicc vacuum control:-0.1 … -0.9 bar
Power supply:12V DC exchangeable rechargeable battery
Degree of protection:IP54
Pressure reservoir:10 l / max. 10 bar   
20 l / max. 10 bar



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  126004 

SSA-101 with weekly timer

Art.-Nr.:  126002 SSA-121 with weekly timer
Art.-Nr.:  126100 SSA-102 with annual timer



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