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Vacuum unit 19“

The 19" vacuum unit allows to extract liquids by generating a time-controlled negative pressure and to store them in a collecting bottle. A discharge tap is attached to the collecting bottle, whereupon the samples can be filled.
The 19"unit has up to five independently programmable and controllable vacuum circuits. If necessary, the number of control loops can be extended as required by additional housing units. Each control loop has its own time control, a separate analog pressure gauge, a regulator for manual adjustment of the vacuum, and a separate collection bottle. A time interval can be entered via a control unit during which the associated collecting bottle is evacuated to the selected pressure value. In adaptation to the application, the time control can take place via a weekly timer, a year timer or a countdown timer.
The pump with PTFE membrane allows the fluid to be extracted unadulterated. There is no contamination of the media thanks to the oil-free operation of the pump. The metal housing is robust and shock-resistant but is not suitable for long-term outdoor use.



  • Automatic, time controlled sampling
  • Up to five separate control circuits



Technical Specifications

Suction power: 1.8 l/min

0.6 bar

Voltage supply:90-264 VAC / 50-60Hz
Vacuum display:Analog manometer
Degree of protection:IP 30



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  126120               Vacuum unit 19"



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