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Time controlled suction probe systems SSA-101 / SSA-102

These pump units with integrated timer control the pressure conditions in the suction probes automatically according to the preset time cycles. In adaptation to the intended application, the suction probe system can be supplied with a weekly timer for free programming of 7-day cycles, or with a year-time timer for annual control cycles.
Thanks to the dust and jet-water-tight housing, as well as the power supply via a position-independent accumulator, these pump units are also ideally suited for outdoor use. Both wall and pole mounting are possible.
The diaphragm pump with neoprene diaphragm and pump head made of hostalen is durable and maintenance-free.



  • Automatic, time controlled sampling
  • up to five seperate control circuits




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Suction power: 0.4 l/min

0.6 bar

Voltage supply: 12 V DC / 10 Ah Storage battery
Operation duration: at least 14 d
Degree of protection: IP65
Reserve power timer: 9 h
Accuracy of the timer: 1 s/d



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Art.-Nr.:  126004 

SSA-101 with weekly timer

Art.-Nr.:  126002 SSA-121 with weekly timer
Art.-Nr.:  126100 SSA-102 with annual timer




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