Tensio 100 - Mobile field tensiometer

Specially designed for short-term measurements and mobile use. Simple, robust and inexpensive with analogue or digital data display. Optionally available with integrated data logger.

Tensio 120 - Septum tensiometer

The technology of the septum tensiometers makes it possible to read several tensiometers with just one readout device and therefore offers a cost-effective alternative to the area-wide determination of the pressure head with many measuring points.

Tensio 130 - ku-pF-Laboratory tensiometer

The Tensio 130 is used in our ku-pF apparatus. It is characterized by a fast reaction, high accuracy and a low disturbance of the soil material.

Tensio 140 - Laboratory tensiometer

The Tensio 140 is a laboratory tensiometer with an acrylic glass head and a high-sensitivity pressure transducer. It offers all the advantages of a small tensiometer and is characterized by an elongated, robust sensor head.

Tensio 152 - Pressure transducer tensiometer (frost protected)

The Tensio 152 is specially designed for demanding applications. It is characterized by an extremely robust pressure sensor and can be installed frost-proof.

Tension 160 - Lysimeter tensiometer

The Tensio 160 is designed for long-term use in lysimeters and is specially designed for horizontal installation.

Full Range Tensiometer 2.0

The Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 is a polymer - filled tensiometer which is also suitable for use in very dry soils. It covers the entire pressure head range relevant for plants up to the permanent wilting point pF 4.2. Refilling is no longer necessary.


The Watermark sensors are used to measure the tension in the predominantly dry area. The measuring principle of the Watermark sensors resembles the system with gypsum blocks.

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