Full Range Tensiometer 2.0

With the FRT 2.0, UGT GmbH offers a further development of the maintenance-free, innovative polymer-filled tensiometer with integrated temperature measurement. The new polymer composition and improved ceramic enables an even shorter reaction time with increased measuring accuracy.


Measurements beyond borders.

Tensiometer measurements are essential for a detailed investigation of the water balance of an ecosystem. Tension is a driving force for the movement of soil water, important processes can be characterized and monitored, such as plant growth, plant production or groundwater formation and leaching.

Tensiometers are widely used instruments in these fields and have been used for decades. Conventional water filled tensiometers are able to measure up to approx. - 90kPa. This limited measuring range greatly limits research and monitoring tasks, especially in areas with dry soils, which will increase in the context of climate change.

The worldwide new and patented Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 is a polymer tensiometer which covers the entire plant relevant suction tension range up to 1500 kPa (pF 4.2). It is perfectly adapted to the requirements of also dry soils. Saline locations, such as in arid areas, are no problem due to the direct pressure measurement and correct calibration.


Maintenance-free in long-term measurements even under extreme conditions.

Climate researchers predict an increase in extreme weather events, i.e. the shift from very dry to humid soils will increase. The Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 continues the measurement automatically after drying out as soon as the soil moisture increases again. No refilling is necessary anymore. The measurement is reliable even in difficult media. The Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 is robust in its construction, maintenance-free and designed for long-term use. Due to the integrated temperature sensor you have everything at a glance. A further advantage is the low energy consumption (20 mA current in measuring mode). This makes the Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 particularly suitable for locations where regular maintenance and a reliable power supply are not guaranteed.


Ready for use in the field and in the laboratory.

Both large lysimeter stations and complex measuring sites as well as small lysimeters: Ready-to-go lysimeters, laboratory lysimeters and the EcoLab can be equipped with this high-resolution and extended polymer-filled tensiometer measuring technology and thus extend the measuring range. The new ku-pF 4.2 SP combines the precision of water- and polymer-filled tensiometers. By combining the latest RFID and polymer tensiometer technology, we enable non-contact, undisturbed direct measurements up to the permanent wilting point pF 4.2 in soil cores for the determination of complete pF - and hydraulic conductivity curves.


Simple data collection from any location

The Full Range Tensiometer 2.0 can be easily and quickly connected to data loggers via the RS485 bus protocol. Due to the digital sensor interfaces SDI-12 and RS485, the FRT can be easily integrated into large sensor networks. With a minimum of personnel effort, continuous, temporally high-resolution data series can be collected. One UGT data loggers enable the collection, storage and management of up to 256 digital and 15 analogue sensors. For many applications, data collection can already take place completely automatically with solar power supply and remote data transmission. With their compact and robust design, the data loggers from UGT have been developed for demanding long-term measurements. This innovative data logger technology enables customer-specific programming for large and small research projects and measuring stations. Wireless data transmission enables live monitoring of the logger (programming adjustment, troubleshooting, installing updates) and the retrieval and control of data from the office.



  • extended measuring range up to the wilting point
  • direct pressure measurement
  • maintenance-free
  • low power consumption

Technical specifications


measurement range

-100 up to +1500 kPa (pF 4,2)


1 % of the measurement range

operating temperature

0 … + 40°C (soil temperature)

pH range

pH 2…pH 10

power supply

20 mA/5…20 V

interface/ output signal



M12 sensor plug 4-pin


Ø 25 mm; L=150 mm

calibration range

4-30 °C (at 100% water saturation)

relative error

+/- 0,5% (relative to the entire measuring range)


tip conical




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