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Tensio 100 - Mobile field tensiometer

The Tensio 100 is the origin of the UGT-tensiometer technology and has been continuously further developed for over more than 25 years. It is a cost-efficient tensiometer type that is especially designed for easy and fast mobile pressure head measurements in the field. The Tensio 100-set comprises a V2A-insertion auger for quick installation, as well as a protective tube for transportation, in which the tensiometer is kept permanently moist for immediate use and is protected from mechanical damage. In the tensiometer head, made of transparent acrylic glass, air inclusions are easily recognizable. The pre-tensioning screw enables an easy refilling even in the field. Additionally, this screw allows to preset a tension to reduce the measurement time to less than 3 seconds per measurement (from installation to reading).

The measurement corpus itself is made of a V2A-standpipe (Ø 10 mm), a Ms support, a ceramic cell (SKA 100FF, 10x24 mm), and a V2A tip. Depending on the type of Tensio 100 the suction pressure is displayed on a mechanical precision vacuum meter (Ø 63 mm) or via an electronic pressure transducer on a handheld or a laptop.


Tensio 100 – with mechanical manometer

  • Displays the current suction pressure on a mechanical pointer manometer
  • Basic and cost-efficient system
  • Very suitable for teaching purposes, since the measurement principle is clearly understandable
  • The overview printed on the back of the tensiometer head  enables a fast classification of the measurement value even without specialised knowledge
  • Very suitable for short-term measurement campaigns with many measurement points, such as mapping the current tension distribution or the determination and optimisation of the irrigation status in agriculture, as well as for concomitant reference measurements for other sensors (for example soil moisture) or as basis for sampling
  • No data recording
  • Not suitable to remain in the field


Tensio 100 RFID

    • Displays the current tension on an electronic handheld device, which receives the data from an electronic pressure transducer via RFID
    • The read-out data are stored on the handheld device and are available as digital data set
    • Very suitable for the determination of short-termed changes in the tension for time spans up to one day
    • Very suitable for the determination of short-term reactions of a soil/ecosystem to an event and for the estimation of water movement in the soil
    • Very suitable for concomitant measurements for infiltration tests
    • No automated data recording
    • Suitable to remain in the field


    Tensio 100 RFIDplus

    • Data recording via an electronic pressure transducer and storage on an internal data logger
    • The data can be read out via an RFID adapter using the USB port of a laptop or PC
    • Very suitable for the determination of mid-term tension processes over time spans of up to several months
    • Very suitable for measurement campaign with changing locations, for example pilot surveys as planning criteria for new measurement sites/project concepts
    • Automated data recording
    • Suitable to remain in the field


      Installation and Maintenance

      The Tensio 100 – set is designed for the mobile tension measurement in the field. Accordingly simple is the installation. The necessary auger is included in the set and can be stowed safely in the provided protective tube together with the tensiometer. Insertion auger and tensiometer are matched in their size and shape. Simply prepare the whole to the designated depth using the auger and then prick the tensiometer into the prepared hole until the tip is pressed into the bottom of the hole. The Tensio 100 is designed for vertical installation.

      Stowed in the protective tube the Tensio 100 stays ready to use at all time and can be transported from one measurement site to another without the risk of drying out. Further the tube protects against damage from mechanical force. If air bubbles arise in the course of a measurement or the tensiometer falls dry, it can easily be refilled in the field. Only a container with water is needed for that. No tools are required.

      Because of the frequent installation as a part of the planned operation concept, there is an increased risk of damages of the ceramic cup. Therefore the ceramic of the Tensio 100 can be easily and independently exchanged in the field.


        • Can be easily and safely transported in the protective tube
        • Always ready to use
        • Robust design
        • Fast and simple measurement
        • Short reaction time (<3s)

          Technical Specifications

          Technical specifications

          Tensio 100Tensio 100 RFIDTensio 100 RFIDplus
          Pressure measurementPrecision vacuumeterElectronic pressure transducerElectronic pressure transducer
          Measurement range Tension0 … +85 kPa0 … +85 kPa0 … +85 kPa
          Output unit    barbarbar
          Accuracy0,01 bar±0,0045 bar±0,0045 bar
          Resolution0,01 bar 0,001 bar0,001 bar
          DataoutputManual readingDisplay and storage on handheld deviceDisplay and storage on Laptop/PC
          Interface/RFID/Handheld deviceRFID/USB
          Data memory//Approx. 2048 pressure and temperature data sets with time stamp
          Power supply/External via RFID handheldIntegrated battery
          Lifetime at 25 °C approx. 4…5 years with permanently 1 measurement per minute
          Storage life at 25 °C approx. 10 years with a self-discharge of approx.  1 % per year
          Degree of protectionIP54IP67IP67
          Response time according to RICHARDS< 3 s

          Operating temperature

          0 … 40 °C

          Length24 mm
          Diameter10 mm
          Air entry point>-85 kPa
          Hydraulic conductivity8.1x10-8 m/s
          Length30 cm /60 cm / 90 cm / customised on request
          Diameter (outer)10 mm
          MaterialV2A stainless steel

          Order Numbers + Accessories

          Ordering Details:

          Part. No.:  101100               Standpipe length 30 cm
          Part. No.:  101200 Standpipe length 60 cm
          Part. No.:  101300Standpipe length 90 cm



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          Range of Applications

          • Determination of the current state of the plant water availability
          • Reference measurements for irrigation optimisation
          • Reference measurements for existing measurement systems
          • Short- and middle-term monitorings in the fields
          • Prepration/planning of new measurement campains

          Exemplary Applications


          Technical University of Munich - Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management

          • Application of the Tensio 100 for teaching purposes as part of pedological and hydrological practical courses. The Tensio 100 tensiometers are particularly suitable for this application as the principle of the measurement is easily recognizable and therefore the principle of the tension in the soil is easily conveyed. Further the tensiometers can be used easily and without any specific previous knowledge and do not require any peripherals such as readers, data loggers or power supply. The Tensio 100 tensiometers are inexpensive and very robust and can be repaired inexpensively if damaged. Therefore the regular application of the tensiometers by unexperienced users is not a high risk.


          SGL Spezial- und Bergbau- Servicegesellschaft Lauchhammer mbH

          • Application in the framework of the monitoring of the Witznitz dump. The Tensio 100 is specifically suitable for the control and renaturation of open pit mining residues due to its flexibility in application and its high robustness.


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