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Tensio 130 - laboratory tensiometer for ku-pF-Apparatus

This tensiometer is a pure accessory for the ku-pF-apparatus!

This laboratory tensiometer with acrylic glass head and highly sensitive pressure transducer offers all the benefits of a compact tensiometer. The ceramic cup with 6.5 mm diameter and a length of 20 mm provides highly accurate measurements with a minimum destruction of the soil. An auger set for installation and minimization of disturbing effects may be obtained from UGT as accessories. Air bubbles are easy to recognize and eliminate through the acrylic head with vent screw. The tensiometers can be installed in any position. They are ideally suited to determine the soil moisture tension in laboratory experimental setups. A laboratory interface is also supplied for a direct connection to a PC.



  • little destruction of the soil
  • can be used in very small samples/ soil sample
  • short reaction time





Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Measurement range:-100 ... +85 kPa
Working temperature range:0 ... +40 °C
Accuracy:±0,3 kPa
Power supply:5 V konstant / 1 mA konstant
Available standpipe lengths:3.7 cm
customised lengths on request



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