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The measurement principle of the Watermark sensors is similar to that of the gypsum block system. Whereas the special sensor does not dissolve in the soil and has a more consistent distribution of pores so that more precise measurements are possible. The sensors are permanently buried in the soil and have an average life of 3 to 5 years. They do not require any maintenance during this time and are frostproof. A soil temperature sensor can be be used for temperature compensation. This method of soil moisture tension measurement may be used as a substitute for tensiometers if it is to be expected that the tensiometer will frequently fall dry at the installation site. The sensors may be connected either to a data logger or to the specific handheld for recording and reading out the data.



  • no maintenance
  • frostproof
  • good suitability for long term measurements
  • price efficient

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Measurement range:

0 ... 200 kpa

Operating temperature:

1 ... +80°C

Ceramic body:Ø 25 mm, Length 70 mm
Sensor length: 80 mm



Order Numbers + Accessories


Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  112100               With temperature compensation
Art.-Nr.:  114501 Without temperature compensation; without rod
Art.-Nr.:  114502Without temperature compensation; rod length 75 cm
Art.-Nr.:  114503Without temperature compensation; rod length 120 cm




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