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This demonstration unit is an exhibition piece. The device is fully functional and shows only minor signs of use. If you have any questions about the device, please contact our sales team: or +49 (0) 33432 7559-0.

The hood infiltrometer is used to measure the hydraulic conductivity of soils in virtually saturated areas as field tests. The infiltration is made from a sealed hood placed on the soil and filled with water. The circular soil surface covered by water beneath the hood forms the source area for the infiltration flux. No additional contact layer and no preparation of the soil surface is necessary on the measurement area. This not only saves working time but also makes it possible to measure the infiltration and conductivity under completely natural conditions in a destruction-free manner. The pressure beneath the hood is controlled using a Marriott’s water supply. The effective increase in pressure on the soil surface can be freely selected between zero and a vacuum up to the bubble point of the soil. This pressure level is shown exactly on a U-tube manometer. The hydraulic conductivity is calculated from the stationary flux rates determined in the test run according to WOODING (1968). With the IL-2700 the measurement data for the flux rate is electronically recorded with a pressure sensor combined with a handheld instrument IL-2700. With the corresponding software they are transferred to the PC and analysed.

The hood infiltrometer is also available without electronic data recording as a favourably priced alternative which is tough enough to withstand adverse measurement conditions. In order to guarantee an optimum adjustment of the experiment to the prevailing infiltration conditions, two hoods are available with a ratio to infiltration areas of around 1:2. The infiltration chamber, which is an available option, creates a tension infiltrometer together with the Mariott’s water supply which permits infiltration experiments up to a water tension of around 60 hPa irrespective of the bubble point of the soil.


  • No contact layer necessary
  • Simple adjustment to differentconductivity areas
  • Simple conversion to producethe tension infiltrometer


Technical Specifications

Tension area0 … bubble point with hood
0 … 60 hPa with tension chamber
Tension measurementU-tube manometer
Resolution 0.1 hPa
Infiltration measurementDifferential pressure sensor 0 - 70 mba
Resolution 1 mm water column
Conductivity range of the soil10-3 m/s bis 10-7 m/s





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