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Overhead shaker - SALE %

This demonstration unit is an exhibition piece. The device is fully functional and shows only minor signs of use. If you have any questions about the device, please contact our sales team: or +49 (0) 33432 7559-0.


The overhead shaker, also known as an overend shaker, is used to homogenize soil samples. For this purpose, several sample vessels can be clamped between two metal grid baskets, which rotate around a rigid rotation axis at an infinitely variable speed of up to 50 revolutions per minute. The current speed is shown in a digital display.

Due to the permanent movement, the sample content is homogeneously mixed, which is, among other things, a preparation for the use of the samples for KÖHN analysis, but also the starting point for many chemical analyses. The overhead shaker from UGT is characterized by the high number of sample places. In the offered version 100 sample bottles of 250 ml each can be clamped in one magazine.


  • Large number of samples compared to commercially available instruments
  • Infinitely variable speed


Technical Specifications

Speed range0 … 50 rpm Steplessly controllabler
Number of samples2x 50 à 250 ml
Dimensions140 x 52 x 42 cm (W x H x D)






More information and price on request.


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