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Substrate sampler

The substrate sampler has been developed for in-depth field measurement of air permeability and pore gas composition in the loose substrate in particular in loose piles. With the assistance of this measurement instrument, statements on the air- filled pore volume and its content of oxygen, carbon dioxide and methane may be made at increments of 0.1 m in a depth of 4 m. As a result of the combined measurement of air permeability and soil gas composition, up to 5 minutes per individual measurement is saved compared to sole gas measurement. The sampler consists of four connectable 1 m pipe pieces so as to obtain a sampler length which is always adapted to the local conditions. The sampler may be inserted manually and also by hammer. The air contact surface to the substrate is around 200 cm² and is sealed by a cone over the measurement area against the permeation of outside air. The vacuum to obtain the pore gas is generated by vessels filled with water whose average height difference is set to 0.3 m. The vacuum generating unit is secured on a 4-foot stand which can be equipped optionally with ground pins to increase stability on a loose base. The gas composition is determined directly in situ using a connected digital gas meter.

The entire measurement instrument can be dismantled and is packed read for transport in a tough aluminium case with the dimensions 1100 x 507 x 260 mm.



  • Time saving of up to 5 minutes  per measurement compared to traditional individual measurements
  • Sampling from defined air compartment due to self sealing ofthe sampler tip
  • Practical and safe transportationin aluminium case




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